Tempo storm hearthstone

tempo storm hearthstone

Tempo Storm home page. THE META SNAPSHOT. Get ahead of the meta in your favorite game with Tempo Storm. HEARTHSTONE. META SNAPSHOT. Tempo Storm Hearthstone featured and community decks. Mid Range Pally: https:// s-kultur.info hearthstone /decks/midrange-murloc- paladin-standard-meta-snapshot-may I slightly changed.

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This page was last modified on 22 June , at AOE removal just seems pretty weak right now, the closest you really see is consecrate, meteor and dragonfire potion. About Us Search About Meta Threads. Nice to see new Un'goro innovations continue to drive movement in the various tiers. And without arcanologist or glyph secret mage the new tempo build wouldn't exist, and control mage would lose alot of its defensive consistency.

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Hёarthst0nё Rёd Bиll Tёam Вrawl Sрriпg: Tempo Storm vs Goat 15/04/2017 Hope it works out I agree, we can look at Warlock for what happens when you take away a shit ton of good cards and give them even more garbage. Feels like token shaman is just a stronger deck in general though which is why it's much more common. The entire priest class was seen as a meme before gadgetzan. With Things, even though you can't hero power much, I can usually drop a big taunt on turn 4 if I need because of Mana Tide and Flametongue. And evolve shaman can fight for the board from turn 1 along with the rest of the aggro decks in the meta. I don't understand why we're complaining about a problem that doesn't exist. Also, my deck doesn't even run Blazecaller, which means that there are actually only 2 Servants and Kalimos who need to be activated and that makes the deck more reliable in my opinion. Follow us Twitter Facebook Youtube Twitch GitHub. Please allow Business Days for Production and days for shipping. Aggro decks are fun to play against and fun to play for me. A9 9 - 12th. You are using an outdated browser. Frodan Kaldi Reynad Gaara Ratsmah Eloise JustSaiyan Reckful. I play Miracle Rogue quite a lot and have won quite a few matches against Quest Rogue, I'll say it's an unfavoured match-up but definitely not an unwinnable one. Our wikis Brood War Counter-Strike Dota 2 Hearthstone Heroes of the Storm Overwatch Rocket League Smash StarCraft II Commons. This was the original deck list I found and have been playing this season. Keep in mind purify came out in the height of priests terribleness. Elemental Shaman still feels really underplayed to me.

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Pretty much, the jade package is super important to the deck. HSdogdog viewers Dogstone. It feels a lot stronger than it's getting credit for. It was a challenge where people would say can you get this as purify priest. Log in Create account. The meta has its problems, but for now it feels pretty good man. After the reveal of those two the talk of "mage dead" disappeared immediately. Silence priest is pretty good vs hunter. Don't forget Shadow Visions which helps make combos more attainable, synergizes well with Lyra, and is pretty good in a Wild singleton deck. Is there a link specifically to that deck? I slightly changed Mid Range Hunter because I didn't like the subway surf spiele of synergy with the fireflys None has appealed to me But the 2 work together as one benefits from high HP minions, cheap spells, and card draw. Yogg is questionable to say the least; and while pyros is very good, it is far from deck defining. Fifaultimateteam coins not one or the. Jade Spirit does this in a worse way in that it gives you two bodies for one card, but you lose out on the stickiness of Aya's deathrattle. I find it very difficult to throw the whole rulebook out, make one or two trades then run everything, including weapons, into face. I'm still not going to be excited about anything hearthstone until there's less RNG and a reassessment of how much the game costs.

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